The Wallace Lane Family

The Wallace Lane Wines roots were firmly planted in 1994 by Peter and Terri Robson. Joined by their son James and wife Chrissy in 2006 to continue the hard work, passion and dedication to produce exceptional quality and elegantly refined, cool climate Wallace Lane Wines.

Wine making duo Phil and Rochelle Kerney joined the family in 2008. Phil brings with him 15 years of wine making experience both in Australia and Internationally. His talents have also been recognised as a 5 Red Star recipient from James Halliday for the last 3 years. Rochelle has been by Phil’s side through much of his winemaking journey and is herself working towards her own qualification as a winemaker. The Kerney’s have brought with them an enormous amount of passion, care and knowledge of wine and the winemaking process, which fits perfectly into our family mould.

Wine Making

The wine making approach of Wallace Lane’s wine maker Phil Kerney stems from 20 years of research both locally and internationally. His many years of travel helped him formulate his technique via ancient techniques and modern quality control designed to balance the complex wines.

Phil makes stunning wines that have a heart & soul... that demonstrate a complex structure... yet are harmonious... that are rich and luscious... that are mouthfilling and balanced.
Phil’s design of the Wallace Lane Wine range is such that it celebrates the spectrum of the Orange Region Terroir with the wines he produces bringing out its best effect.

The Vineyards

The Vineyard is situated on the gentle north facing slopes of Griffin Rd, Orange at an elevation ranging from 750 to 850 metres. Such elevation presents its self in our wines that are so distinctively high altitude and cool climate produce.

Covering the hills with 12 hectares (ha) of established vine we are able to grow the majority of the grapes used in our wines. To complement the Griffin Road vineyard was the recent planting in 2008 of 5 more hectares of vine in the fertile volcanic basalt soils at Wallace Lane. With an even higher altitude at 1080 metres above sea level, it is one of the highest and coldest vineyards in Australia.

All 17ha of vine are handled with the utmost care by being hand pruned to maintain the exceptional quality and flavour that carry through to our wines. We pride ourselves on our quality not the quantity.
Our environmental policy sees no use of insecticides and reduced irrigation impact by a program of mulching cover crops planted between the rows between autumn and winter.

Where to buy Wallace Lane Wines

The Wallace Lane Wines portfolio is available exclusively through the ILG Group of members. ILG is a member owned Co-operative wholesaler that services over 1,200 hotels, bottle shops, licensed clubs, bars and restaurants across NSW and Queensland. Click here to see where your nearest ILG Stockist is located.